We are Post-producers

We design and implement post production. We create schedules and manage budgets to optimize resources and hit goals.

Know the project, design, set times, budget, execute, supervise the processes, deliver.

Decisions are being made from development that impact post-production, so we will be happy to join your project as soon as possible.

Fabián Aranda

Post-producer… Led the Business Development Dept for Tauro, one of Latin America’s main sound studios. He has been running Postre for more than three years, first in Argentina and currently based in Spain.


Gustavo Arnaudin

Post-production Coordinator… He has been in the Industry for over 20 years. He coordinated the post-production of more than 30 feature films at the Patagonik Film Group.


Valentina Moreno

Post-production Coordinator… Started as a line producer and AD and has been coordinating TV and features post for the past 7 years.


Diego Gat

Associated… Currently Re-recording mixer at Formosa Group (Hollywood), has managed Tauro, one of Latin America’s main sound studios for over 13 years.